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We are incredibly proud of how happy our patients are with the results of working with us. 

You may find comments in forums such as Mumsnet and Fertility Friends - and please do look at these for additional unbiased views.

My husband was under Jonathan Ramsay - he is a lovely man and certainly think he is regarded as the best in the UK. 

Thank you to Mr Jonathan Ramsay and his team for the excellent service they provide. We are really grateful to his effective approach towards identifying a ‘male factor’ fertility problem, his accurate diagnosis and the straight-forward (evidence-based) treatment that he proposed.

We saw Mr Ramsay after our first failed cycle. In my eyes he's amazing. Such a lovely man. He took the time to take a full history

and examine my husband (which no-one had done before). He tried to look for the reason why my husband had such low counts (which, again no-one had done before). He did some more detailed sperm analysis and diagnosed an infection which he thought was causing antibodies and consequently poor mobility. He prescribed a long course of antibiotics and also gave us a lot of general advice re: diet, lifestyle etc.

By the time we had our second cycle my husband's numbers were significantly better and our fertilisation rate went from 40% with low grade embryos to 80% with top grade embryos. We now have a lovely 16 month old son.

Since then my husband's numbers have continued to improve and we conceived naturally 4 months ago (it was quite a shock!).

I couldn't recommend Mr Ramsay highly enough and I feel very strongly that anyone with 'male factor' issues should see a urologist with an interest in male infertility before embarking on any treatment. Unfortunate IVF clinics are run in the most part by gynecologists who just aren't expert in male factor.

Dear Mr Ramsay, early days yet but we were due to see you this month to look again and see how he's getting on with the meds you prescribed. However, I found out that I'm about 5 weeks pregnant. I literally can't believe it! After 4 years of being told 'you can't have children' and after a round of failed IVF, 2 months of your help and I'm pregnant. Naturally too!


I am delighted to be writing to tell you that our beautiful baby girl was born on 20th January. You may remember we saw you around this time last year after we had a DNA fragmentation result of 98% and were referred to you. 

Dear Mr Ramsay, My husband, Andrew, and I saw you a few times last year, when you diagnosed and organised the successful treatment of Andy's varicocele for his high DNA fragmentation... Earlier this year, we had an unsuccessful (2nd) IVF ICSO attempt and were preparing for our 3rd when we discovered I had fallen pregnant naturally in March. I am very pleased to let you know that I am now nearly 11 weeks pregnant! 

Dear Mr Ramsay,

I am writing to you to share our very good news. Following our appointment with you on 26th June, in which you shared the excellent news regarding the improvement in Ross' DNA fragmentation index and progressive motility, we embarked on our third ICSI cycle the following day. We are delighted to share with you that we achieved one top grade blastocyst, which was transferred and progressed onto a pregnancy. I am now 15 weeks pregnant with 2 reassuring scans under out belt. 

My husband say Mr Ramsay in 2013 due to fertility issues. He was commenced on Tamoxifen 20mg once a day which was then reduced to every second day due to his bloods. We went on to have successful ICSI treatment and our daughter was born in January 2014

Following the positive results of my FNA procedure, I went for private semen analysis yesterday evening, which came back as positive for sperm in my semen.

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