Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomies can usually be reversed successfully, particularly when the interval between the vasectomy and the proposed reversal is less than 8-10 yrs. However we as doctors and surgeons should not confuse 'technical' success because the reversal operation has resulted in sperm being present in the ejaculate, with real success meaning that the man's partner has a successful pregnancy. 

Fertility units are often rather sceptical about the value of vasectomy reversal operations; many have a tendency to advise 'a straightforward approach' consisting of a sperm retrieval for the man and IVF/ ICSI for his partner. Sometimes this advice is quite correct, particularly when time is pressing either because of age or reduced female fertility (often referred to as diminished ovarian reserve).  Most couples however would prefer a reversal if at all possible, so how do we work out whether a vasectomy reversal or a sperm retrieval would be better?

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