What the second wave means for male fertility

on Sun 3 Jan

What the second wave means for male fertility... Consultations, Investigations and Treatment.

December 30th was an important day for all of us. The Oxford Vaccine is approved, so that the end of restrictions is now on the horizon. 

But of course, except for essential workers, those under 50 may be waiting for two or three months, and it is therefore of paramount importance to stay well and to avoid any transient reduction in Sperm production and Sperm quality.

The strict “Tier” restrictions are important and I urge you to respect the rules over the next few weeks. This, in turn might limit the number of face to face consultations. Although I will be back in the consulting rooms from 7th January, we will try to accommodate as many consultations by phone or face-to-face as possible.

At present there have been no statements about IVF treatments, and Male fertility surgical procedures are still scheduled.

I will update the website if there are any changes.

Meantime my best wishes to all of you for a better 2021... and stay well and safe!


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