Sperm Retrieval, IVF and ICSI have resumed

Jonathan Ramsay June 2020
on Thu 4 Jun

We are progressing on all fronts. Cycles of IVF and ICSI have resumed in 80% of clinics nationally, but with careful precautions and Covid testing for many patients.

These precautions, especially with social distancing and cycles needing to have staggered starts, means that everything takes longer.

Sperm Retrieval surgery has resumed this week. The protective equipment is quite dramatic!


Jonathan Ramsay Covid 19

..and does make microsurgery more difficult, but certainly not impossible. Once again, ‘distancing’ in the operating theatres, limits throughput, but we are getting used to a slower turnover of cases.

We had hoped that Outpatient Consultations would be possible very soon, but no news yet.

So please continue to make telephone consultations for the time being.

My office at home has never been better equipped, and we can now arrange all necessary investigations without delays.

I'll share another update next week. In the meantime, stay well.

Jonathan Ramsay.

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