First steps towards normality

on Wed 29 Apr

I know just how frustrating this delay has been for so many of you. But some of this is made worse by uncertainty. The good news is that the HFEA, professional societies and fertility units are beginning to plan a route towards normality.

Although we have no definite dates, I expect some clarity over the next week.

Fertility investigations should be possible 2 or 3 weeks ahead of ART cycles, which involve much more intervention and interaction.

We will be in touch with all of you who are waiting, and I know that my PA ([email protected]) has been keeping you well informed.

I hope that operations , both Sperm Retrievals and Mapping Procedures, maybe possible in June, but we will keep you updated.

Face to face consultations are not far off, but we are hoping to be able to synchronise these with laboratory test availability.

Meantime look after yourselves and stay safe and well, if you need any advice, contact Alison, we can always arrange a telephone consultation.

Please do get in touch

Phone: 0207 224 5089

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