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Living with XXY

Jonathan Ramsay on Fri 26 Mar

Klinefelter syndrome (sometimes referred to as XXY) is where boys and men are born with an extra X chromosome. It can affect fertility and one of my patients has kindly shared a podcast in which he talks about his journey to Fatherhood. 

Fertility in the News

Jonathan Ramsay on Wed 24 Feb

It's really good when the mainstream media are focused on a topic as important as fertility - and what might impact its 'smooth running'. These two articles from The Telegraph are definitely worth a read! 


Testicular Mapping

Jonathan Ramsay on Tue 26 Jan

I wanted to share with you my thoughts on this excellent review regarding Testicular Mapping

Appointments in current lockdown

Jonathan Ramsay on Thu 7 Jan

An overview of what is currently taking place during the current lockdown

What the second wave means for male fertility

Jonathan Ramsay on Sun 3 Jan

A potential full lockdown is on the horizon - but what of the current state of play for our clinic and for you? 

Male Fertility - The last two months

Jonathan Ramsay on Mon 23 Nov

What have I been up to in the area of male fertility in recent months? Read on to find out... 

Fertility Focus - an important read

Jonathan Ramsay on Tue 6 Oct

I recently edited an important supplement for Urology News titled, Fertility Focus, which included an article written by me on DNA Fragmentation...

The microbiome in the semen - does it matter?

Jonathan Ramsay on Wed 2 Sep

Could a similar situation to that of gut bacteria becoming unbalanced occur in the genital tract? 

Consultations in London

Jonathan and Alison on Thu 30 Jul

Virtual consultations have worked - but now that we can meet face-to-face it's really so much better!... 

Bringing Male Fertility out of the Shadows

Jonathan Ramsay on Wed 8 Jul

Frieda Klotz has written a great article focusing on male fertility. It's incredibly thorough and includes an interview with yours truly. Please do read on.... 

Covid and Conception

Jonathan Ramsay on Thu 2 Jul

I recently hosted a GP webinar on Covid and Conception and wanted to share the highlights here... 

Good news to share

Jonathan Ramsay on Tue 23 Jun

Some good news to share - pregnancies and face-to-face consultations

Face to Face Consultations Return

Jonathan Ramsay on Mon 15 Jun

At last, real progress on all fronts!

We are starting face to face consultations at the end of this week, but there naturally will be some precautions in place.

Sperm Retrieval, IVF and ICSI have resumed

Jonathan Ramsay on Thu 4 Jun

We are embracing the new norm as much as possible. It has resulted in a few delays, and things taking slightly longer, but we are getting there!

Closer to normality

Jonathan Ramsay on Tue 2 Jun

It's been great to hear of great news from some patients, and to be ever closer to returning to normality in general...

The path ahead with consultations and investigations

Jonathan Ramsay on Sun 17 May

The new Stay Safe phase, and what to do about consultations and investigations...

Definite news about Fertility Tests

Jonathan Ramsay on Mon 11 May

Definite news about Fertility Tests in London and Windsor...

A little more clarity

Jonathan Ramsay on Thu 7 May

At last, we have a little more clarity about the gradual opening of some services.

Update on Fertility treatments and investigations

Jonathan Ramsay on Tue 5 May

During this week, Fertility Units are planning how to reopen safely....

Latest from the HFEA

Jonathan Ramsay on Mon 4 May

We are getting closer to plans being approved for resuming fertility treatments... 

First steps towards normality

Jonathan Ramsay on Wed 29 Apr

The good news is that the HFEA, professional societies, and fertility units are beginning to plan a route towards normality.

Sperm Tests

Jonathan Ramsay on Fri 24 Apr

Sperm test should be undertaken fairly early in a couple's fertility journey, but what do they actually look at? 

The current path

Jonathan Ramsay on Tue 14 Apr

A quick message for those concerned about their IVF and ICSI cycles and what we're able to do at this time. 

In the News

Jonathan Ramsay on Tue 18 Feb

At last ! Some scientific evidence to support what the Nutritionists have been saying for years....


My take on recent Fertility Shows

Jonathan Ramsay on Tue 28 Jan

Both the Fertility Show in London and Fertility 2020 in Edinburgh may look the same as previous years on the surface, but I was pleased to see that a lot has changed! 

Germs and sperm in the male genital tract

Jonathan Ramsay on Thu 9 Jan

When it comes to germs potentially affecting sperm, it seems that what matters for fertility is whether the sperm head and the DNA package within it is being affected, positively or negatively by germs, known elsewhere in the body as a “microbiome”.

Investigate Sperm and Treat the Man

Jonathan Ramsay on Wed 11 Dec

I gave a talk in November 2019 at the Fertility Show in London. It was titled, 'What do we do about poor quality sperm and unexplained infertility?' and we had some interesting discussions in the room...

In the News - October 2019

Jonathan Ramsay on Thu 31 Oct

The male infertility timebomb...

A meeting of male fertility minds in London

Jonathan Ramsay on Wed 31 Jul

It's not often that specialists, dedicated to the field of male fertility, have the opportunity to meet for an open, transparent discussion. But this is what happened on the 9th July. Scientists, Embryologists, Endocrinologists, Surgeons and others who play a key role all took part in a meeting that is set to be the first of many for Fertility Futures. 

One Week, Two Conferences, Good News for Male Fertility

Jonathan Ramsay on Fri 28 Jun

I've recently attended two very important conferences focused on Male Fertility and I'm delighted to say that not only is there a lot of interest, but that wherever we are in the World, we're finding a lot of positive common ground.

We may have reached a tipping point

Jonathan Ramsay on Wed 1 May

It’s not quite a breakthrough, but there is now enough momentum world wide, that real progress in supporting and even treating male infertility is in sight. 

March: In the News

Jonathan Ramsay on Tue 2 Apr

March 2019 saw some great news in the papers across Europe. It's really good to see the media realising the importance of male infertility and the need to share as much information as possible. 

Does Obesity Impact Male Fertility?

Melanie Brown on Mon 3 Dec

Male sperm counts have fallen by 50% in the developed world since 1970 and the trend is still downwards. There are many reasons for this but it is probably not a coincidence that the descent in sperm count mirrors the ascent of obesity....

Patients, not just Sperm Vehicles

Jonathan Ramsay on Thu 8 Nov

Infertility is not just a female issue, and yet clinics around the world will focus predominantly on the female factor. But what about the man? And what are the options for him?

In the news October 2018

Jonathan Ramsay on Wed 31 Oct

Once again, I was heartened to read a number of articles in mainstream media which highlighted the importance of looking at the male factor when it comes to couple infertility. Many included recent studies into causes of sperm deterioration with environment and lifestyle being major causes. I’d also like to take my hat off to the men who voiced their (negative) experiences to help drive awareness of the male factor to others.

In the news September 2018

Jonathan Ramsay on Thu 27 Sep

September seemed to see an explosion of articles in the media about male fertility. A great thing, as the more we are open in discussing the factors that can harm sperm count and quality, the more chance we have of taking the right steps to a healthier, happier future.

Is IVF is just a numbers game?

Jonathan Ramsay on Wed 1 Aug

'IVF is just a numbers game' is one of the commonest explanations for the advice to have another cycle. But is it? What if it may also be a justification? 

In the News July 2018

Jonathan Ramsay on Mon 30 Jul

Male fertility has become increasingly interesting to the mainstream media in very recent years (only). I’m always heartened to read new studies and angles that will resonate with my patients, and with society as a whole. In this blog I’ve drawn on two articles in particular that have caught my eye.

Why and How are Antioxidants an Important Factor for Male Fertility?

Jonathan Ramsay on Wed 13 Jun

If oxidants and free radicals can harm sperm production, is it as straight-forward as it seems to just take antioxidants?! 

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