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I will attempt to address the wide variety of topics, questions and concerns of interest to patients here in this blog in time.

If you have any topics that you believe should be included, please do let me know. Jonathan.

Patients, not just Sperm Vehicles

Jonathan Ramsay on Tue 9 Oct

Infertility is not just a female issue, and yet clinics around the world will focus predominantly on the female factor. But what about the man? And what are the options for him?

Does Obesity Impact Male Fertility?

Melanie Brown on Wed 3 Oct

Male sperm counts have fallen by 50% in the developed world since 1970 and the trend is still downwards. There are many reasons for this but it is probably not a coincidence that the descent in sperm count mirrors the ascent of obesity....

Is IVF is just a numbers game?

Jonathan Ramsay on Wed 1 Aug

'IVF is just a numbers game' is one of the commonest explanations for the advice to have another cycle. But is it? What if it may also be a justification? 

Why and How are Antioxidants an Important Factor for Male Fertility?

Jonathan Ramsay on Sun 8 Jul

If oxidants and free radicals can harm sperm production, is it as straight-forward as it seems to just take antioxidants?!

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